Cideval Prime drops for accelerated fat reduction

Trends coming from the west don’t necessarily bring a positive impact to our lives. The growing demand for fast food has changed into a deep hiccup of the quality of life in Central Europe. High overweight, commonly called obesity are part of the canon of modern lifestyle diseases. Unfortunately, they occur more often, even though man has almost 90% impact on this phenomenon. At some point, the conversation about extra kilos entered the taboo zone. People with problems of heaviness began to look at those who criticize their figure very crookedly. Despite the society’s total tolerance, it is dangerous to health.

Problems with moving, increased sweating, chronic fatigue are the price we pay for carrying additional weight. This, in turn, translates into more complex ailments that threaten our lives, i.e.: increased bad cholesterol, increased risk of heart disease, slowed metabolism or degeneration of joints is the first warning of the body to start working. A statistical European every year from 2010 on, trains about 14 minutes less during the week and consumes nearly 80kcal more than the previous year. It’s easy to calculate that after 4 years, it’s an hour less of movement and close to a large portion of fries during the week more. This situation can be compared to flooding our car with bad fuel. We will move but from day to day this movement will cause less pleasure and more pain and suffering.

So how do you turn to your health? Take advantage of condensed natural goods in modern products. One such hint is Cideval Prime – drops with sea-buckthorn extract, supported by a base of antioxidants that will intensify the process of total fat reduction.

What are Cideval Prime drops?

This is the first monosubstrate multi-plane slimming agent. Cideval Prime isn’t another golden remedy in the form of capsules or condensed tablets. The oil is a complete innovation on the slimming preparations market. Cideval Prime oil provides nearly 94.7% absorbability of all active ingredients and microelements. The product has a neutral effect on the esophagus, leaving only a fruity aftertaste, its action takes place in the intestines.

It is the process of intestinal absorption that determines how well we absorb the food we eat. High calorie processed products are usually digested in less than half, and their remains before being excreted accumulate in the intestines. It disturbs metabolism, the cAMP enzyme responsible for the breakdown of fats can’t keep up with processing, and the sugars accumulate in the top layer of the skin in the form of fat. Just a few weeks cycle of such neglect causes the first symptoms of obesity to show and a noticeable deterioration of everyday comfort.

Cideval Prime is a cross-sectional effect. Due to the almost perfect absorption of the product, as well as its long-term release, it doesn’t need to be used often. Just one serving a day allows the digestive system to return to harmony. How is this done? Answer can be found below:

Action of Cideval Prime oil

The main difference is in the action of all slimming agents is their gradual release (oil consistency has the longest time). The process of action itself is comparable to that of perfumes. The original ones keep an excellent fragrance for many days, and counterfeits, despite the identical fragrance, last only a few hours. The same applies to products for slimming. The most professional ones keep working for up to several dozen hours, thanks to which the body is constantly supported by external action. Cideval Prime bases its action on three stages:

  1. Regulation / acceleration of metabolism and detoxification – in short, increase in calorie burning. It eliminates the feeling of fullness and a full stomach. Prepares for expelling residual toxins and deposits of undigested food from the intestines.
  2. Decreased appetite and reduction of body fat – due to faster metabolism and intensification of the enzyme secretion of cAMP function, the human body increases thermogenesis. This translates into successive reduction of body fat, lowering the level of bad cholesterol, as well as the natural breakdown of sugars into simple sugars.
  3. Restoring harmony of the digestive system – it is mainly the processing of carbohydrates and fats. This stage limits the absorption of sugars into the blood. It is a stage of prevention and removal of fat deposits from soft tissues. The process of stabilization and habituation of the body should be not less than 3 weeks in order not to disturb the hormonal balance again.

What made thousands of people use this product every day?

The manufacturer set as a matter of honor for himself to make a slimming preparation great for everyone. It doesn’t matter if your lifestyle is limited to two meals a day and 12 hours of office work, whether you work as a personal trainer on a strict diet. The effect of using Cideval Prime will be spectacular. Diet and slimming? This is not an inseparable pair!

Hundreds of scientific publications prove that less than 6% of people using full diet success in slimming. Usually during the first or second attempt the whole idea and rigorous life ends in failure. Just one serving of Cideval Prime, after a social meeting where you drink alcohol, after a fatty meat snack or after the proverbial fast food allows your body to follow the right tracks to maintain stability and an optimal percentage of body fat.

These arguments prevail in favor of Cideval Prime, the only agent patented in Europe based on slimming oil. Cideval Prime is not a holy grail. It is a way that combats obesity at the root of the problem. This made the weight loss process easy and pleasant and in addition many people describe it as “tasty getting rid of fat”.

Active ingredients of Cideval Prime slimming drops

Many people ask themselves, how is it possible that just another form of the product with one active substance gives such spectacular effects? It’s not one substance, but all the hard work of scientists, months of testing, concentration adjustment, excipients, all of this contributes to the effectiveness of Cideval Prime. The addition of only organic compounds that can suppress appetite, regulate the body’s homeostasis, and finally improve the flow of digestive acids determine the total success of the slimming process using Cideval Prime oil.

The product is 100% made of natural components. It is completely safe for health, and its packaging was made only from biodegradable plastic. An undoubted plus of all Cideval products is the fact that each of them has received a positive opinion of the Pregnancy Society Foundations. This clearly indicates that Cideval Prime can be effectively used to return to the desired shape after pregnancy. All recommendations, instructions and a safety clause are included in the product leaflet.

The composition of the macronutrient slimming drops Cideval Prime is based on one leading substance:

  • Sea-buckthorn oil – for use in the supplement is obtained only through the cold pressing process. It is obtained only from seeds or fruit pulp. Sea-buckthorn in the form of oil has a very intense orange-red color and an unspecified fruity smell. It plays a decisive role in the process of cAMP transformation, which directly translates into fat loss. Sea-buckthorn oil provides an abundance of vitamins A, C, E and minerals in the form of iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. The oil is a perfect complement to micronutrients, a great example of which is its use in cosmetics. Sea-buckthorn significantly affects the condition of the skin, especially the sensitive, which lost its firmness (for example, in the case of sudden considerable swings in weight).

Cideval Prime compared to other weight loss products

The end of 2018 was an extremely breakthrough for the final decision to launch a drops-based product on the wide market of dietary supplements. Until now, it as pills, which were considered as the right form of slimming supplementation. In order to refute this myth and show the legitimacy of the introduction of a new measure, it was necessary to carry out a comparative study against 7 different top weight loss supplements, put together.

A large control group had to be gathered so that the research results would take the form of a scientific document. So, each of the 6 groups receiving slimming preparations had 100 testers. The last 100 people have taken placebo or capsules without any active substance. The results of the 4-week comparative test of commercial dietary supplements for weight loss are presented in the table below:



1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks
Supplement A -0,2kg -0,5kg -1,2kg +0,2kg
Supplement B
(Cideval Prime)
-3,2kg -4,1kg -5,1kg -9,5kg
Supplement C -1,4kg -2,2kg -1,7kg -0,9kg (start of the yo-yo effect)
Supplement D -0,9kg -1,1kg -1,2kg -1,2kg
Supplement E
Supplement F
(Black Latte)
-1,7kg -1,9kg -2,1kg -2,2kg
Supplement G
-0,3kg -0,5kg -1,3kg -1,3kg

The results presented in the table clearly illustrate the potential of only two agents. Manufacturers of the most successful products have agreed to publish their commercial distribution names. It is worth noting that at the most important moment, i.e. between the 3rd and 4th week, Cideval drops didn’t show any signs yo-yo effect. In addition, supplement B, in addition to the effect of reducing extra kilograms, improves skin firmness, reduces the level of bad cholesterol, removes excess subcutaneous water and regulates sugar levels. To sum up, the absorbability of the drops turned out to be over 57% better than that of quickly absorbable capsules or tablets. This is a promising observation for future product editions.

Effects visible after only 23 days. The systematic use of Cideval Prime is profitable!

The results table clearly shows when weight loss is greatest. After a very rapid adaptation of the body, the loss in the first week is noted for well over 3 kilograms. The next two weeks are a period of increased cleansing of the body and getting to a deeper fat – including visceral fat, which settles on internal organs for years. The full 4 weeks of Cideval Prime treatments are marked by a significant reduction at the brink of the 3rd and 4th week. Day 23 is crucial, because during this time our digestive system gets rid of the most accumulated fat deposits, undigested food residues, and due to increased thermogenesis, it increases the caloric content of vital functions by over 2x. Cideval Prime isn’t a half-measure, Cideval Prime is a sure investment in yourself!

Reviews of European dietitian authorities

You don’t have to look hard to find the extremely enthusiastic reviews of nutritionists about these drops. The largest internet portals, paper quarterlies and global forums are debating whether Cideval Prime can become the perfect solution to the global problem of obesity. With full conviction, many people would confirm this thesis by including in their diet plans further packages of Cideval drops. It is worth reading what the determinants of global dietetics think about it:

“I have never been a fan of stuffing my clients with the proverbial chemistry. I was invited to test this product. The comment that I said after analyzing all pros and cons was one: Cideval Prime is a slimming preparation that will probably put the cart before the horse in the slimming industry. “

– said John Tiger-Henderson

“I have been fighting for years to protect the human liver. I know how all kinds of cover supplements can be detrimental to its operation – for example, supplements and other products served in capsules. I got interested in Cideval Prime oil the same day I heard about it. In my opinion, it is a pioneer product and at the same time an excellent agent based on the Far East core of alternative medicine. I work with extremely obese people every day, who have been recording excellent results for two weeks. In time, I intend to recommend the product to younger people for the prevention of obesity.”

– commented Anna Hermann

Customers opinion

Cideval Prime has a great, healthy composition. I like natural products, which is why I choose drops that help you lose weight without burdening the body, have only a natural composition and support the daily work of the digestive system. In addition, preventive liver tests and vitamin saturation look much better than before the treatment. It’s not my last pack, because I’m going to lose a few kilos for my wedding. :):)

We can read more…

It has been known for years that sea-buckthorn and vitamins are the power of health. Usually, slimming agents with it in their formula cost a lot. This is one of the few substances that works based on clinical trials, and which is used to express weight loss in treatments of screen stars. That’s why I also bet on Cideval Prime! The kilos disappear as soon as possible, and I will be able to go out to the beach with my head high.

Where to buy original Cideval Prime slimming drops

Joining forces of dietitians of Western Europe together with American scientists of molecular medicine gave the effect in the form of a product called Cideval Prime. It is not without reason that Western quality has translated into hundreds of positive recommendations. The product has only recently left the clinical testing phase and has already appeared in over a dozen European countries, gaining first place in the slimming substances rankings. It’s hard to find any other formula which composition is based on such a small and effective method of assimilation of active substances. The bioecological supplement with a positive opinion of the West European Department of Health deserves the highest trust of customers. Check below what you need to do to fully securely order the original package and take advantage of the priority of shopping.

Click here to buy Cideval Prime with free delivery

Remember: The sale is limited in time.

Frequently asked questions by customers: FAQ Cideval Prime

Who are the drops for slimming intended for?

The goal of everyone working on the composition and effectiveness of the product was to use it for people struggling with chronic abdominal obesity. Cideval Prime slimming drops are intended for all people whose figure has extra kilos. Regardless of the degree of obesity of your lifestyle, the form of quickly absorbed drops allows lasting effects in less than 4 weeks. No excessive physical activity is needed for effective consumption of the supplement. All tests and results were based on groups of people whose physical activity did not exceed two hours a week.

Is it a safe form of weight loss?

Yes. Slimming drops are a much safer form of slimming than capsules or tablets. Drops don’t cause stomach pain or any internal irritation. In case of diagnosed problems with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, consumption of the product should be consulted with a doctor. Health-promoting, it is currently the least invasive form of weight loss based solely on the natural composition. Cideval Prime showed no side effects in any of the tests.

Is it worth using Cideval Prime together with other supplements? For example, with slimming capsules?

No! The idea of the product isn’t to support the body with other external ingredients. Trust nature use Cideval Prime as recommended on the leaflet inside the packaging. Using many products at the same time, especially with mutually exclusive substrates, won’t accelerate the slimming effect. Each formula has its own individual phase and mode of action. In the case of unexpected combinations, hormonal dysregulation, gastrointestinal dysfunction, insomnia, cramps and other much more serious health complications may occur. When choosing Cideval Prime, don’t change your habits, just remember to dispense the product correctly. The rest will come along!

What is the optimal / recommended dosage for the drops??

For optimal use of the product, see the package leaflet. To maximize the effects, it is recommended to use Cideval Prime at least twice a day for at least the first two weeks. Each serving should be taken 30 minutes before a larger meal (breakfast, lunch, lunch or dinner). Dispense 7 drops of Cideval Prime in s teaspoon or add the same amount to your favorite juice or water.

Contraindications for the use of Cideval Prime slimming drops

The main ingredient of the product is sea-buckthorn oil, people who are allergic to this substance should not use Cideval Prime drops. Contraindications for use also apply to people under 18 years of age, women who are breastfeeding or who are pregnant. If you use medications systematically or suffer from any chronic disease, please consult a doctor before use. Slimming drops are only a product supporting weight loss, they do not replace a meal. The permanent slimming effect is the result of a balanced diet supported by the Cideval Prime supplementation.

Special purpose product – take the following precautions before use:

  • it is not recommended to exceed the recommended daily dose. For example: using a double dose will not increase the effect of slimming twice as fast. Excess active substances will be excreted by the body.
  • before opening, check the sealing seal. If it is damaged or missing, consult the manufacturer.
  • always keep Cideval Prime drops out of the reach of small children, in a place where nobody confuses them with other medicinal products.
  • during systematic use, keep Cideval Prime drops in the original packaging, room temperature, in a shady place.

Official product leaflet


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